6 Easy DIY Halloween Decorations

simple diy halloween decoration tutorials
So easy, it's spooky!

Each of these easy DIY Halloween decorations are so simple to make that they don’t even require a tutorial. Plus, they all require just two “ingredients” or less!

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Lit Cinnamon Brooms

cinnamon brooms with lights and velvet orange ribbon make a chic diy halloween decoration
elegant diy halloween decor

Pick up two cinnamon brooms from your local Trader Joes, and conjure this charming witchy decoration.

Cross the brooms and bind them together with wire or twine. Use a battery powered strand of lights with rechargeable batteries to light it up, and add some elegant ribbon if you wish.

Attach the battery pack to the back of the brooms with wire, or, use a command strip to adhere the pack to the door or the wall behind the brooms.

Spiderweb Wreath

easy halloween wreath diy

Black crochet yarn and a grapevine wreath frame come together to create a simple but impactful decoration that’s sophisticated and spooky.

Use hot glue to affix strands of yarn to the back of the frame in an asterisk. Use another dab of glue at the center to attach a long piece of yarn that will create the spiral. Knot or glue the spiral wherever needed. Plastic spiders optional!

Window Cling Film Ghost

simple window cling film ghost decoration

This cute spook is simply made from non-adhesive frosted cling film. I want to make one for every mirror in the house!

Use a sharpie to draw your ghost design on the backing of the cling film. Cut along the drawing and the the marker will peel away with the backing! Use an Xacto knife to cut out the eyes and mouth.

Paper Bats

homemade paper bats decorate a wall and lamp

Paper bats in a variety of shapes and sizes will transform any space into a festive wonderland.

Use the free printable templates I made to trace and cut the bats out of black card stock. Stick to walls, decorative branches, or lampshades with a rolled piece of masking tape.

Bones in the Houseplants

skeleton arm in a houseplant
skeleton hand simple halloween decoration

The absolute easiest decoration on the list, skeleton arms and hands transform your houseplants into miniature graveyards.

Simply push skeleton bones into the soil and enjoy!

Framed Halloween Imagery

halloween prints

Change the mood of your space quickly and simply by swapping spooky prints and images into your frames.

I got these printable files from Etsy. You could also use images from magazines, or print images from the internet. I found loads of images of vintage greeting cards on Pinterest for my Christmas themed images last year! If you want to take your printing up a notch, I recommend having your images printed through Nations Photo Lab. (Not sponsored, I just use them often!)

I hope these easy DIY Halloween decorations sparked some ideas for you, and you’re ready to add some magic to your space!

Wishing you a very Happy Halloween!

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