Lunchbox: A ‘Back To School’ Playlist

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September seems to usher in a back-to-school vibe, even long after we've been out of school. Getting back into the groove, sharpening our focus, and settling into the rhythm of a steady routine. These chill tunes will keep you motoring along while you pack your lunch, and welcome the changing season

As the sun sets on another carefree summer, cool evening breezes and shorter days bring changes of produce, wardrobe, and temperament.
Whether you’re actually heading back to school, sending along little ones, or having no interactions with any schooling of any kind, (🙋🏻‍♀️) , you can’t help but feel the shift of the seasons, and an urge to get back into organized work mode.

This playlist is inspired by that September shift, and my own need to get back into the groove after a four month long hiatus (eeeeep!)


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This list includes several modern covers of old songs, with Feist’s version of “Inside and Out” leading as inspiration for the entire playlist. (There’s something about Feist’s music that feels very autumnal to me!) I wanted to give the list that sleepy fall feeling of shorter days and earlier sunsets, while keeping an energetic drive from start to finish. For me, it’s a musical equivalent of September- the transitional month between summer and fall.
I especially love Rubblebucket’s version of “What A Fool Believes”, and “(Nothing But) Flowers”, one of my favorite Talking Heads songs.
(Speaking of Taking Heads, Kishi Bashi does an amazing cover of “This Must Be The Place” that I almost included on this list alongside the original. Check it out!)

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  back to school playlist
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Turn on this back to school playlist and get back into the groove! 

PB+J, Lance cheese cracker packs, apples, and potato chips were typical lunches for me growing up!
What did you have?
What makes you feel like the seasons are changing?

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