Backyard BBQ Playlist

Backyard BBQ Playlist on Spotify | 90s Summer Throwback Music
Sizzling throwback hip hop summer jams for your next BBQ!

As far as I’m concerned, grilling in the sun, relaxing with friends, and sipping cold drinks has no better musical companion than 90s/early 2000s hip hop. Can I get a witness?? So enjoy this Spotify playlist at your next outdoor gathering, and maybe don’t play it around the kids cause it’s explicit. Or do– I’m not gonna tell you how to parent!

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Backyard BBQ

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I love all the songs on this list so much, but Mariah + Jay-z’s Heartbreaker, Jagged Edge + Nelly’s Where The Party At, and obviously Montell Jordan’s This Is How We Do It really say BBQ to me.

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Backyard BBQ Playlist on Spotify | 90s Summer Throwback Music

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