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How To Make Shrub (Vinegar and Fruit Syrup) at Home

What Is Shrub? + How To Make It!

Shrub is a concentrated fermented syrup made of fruit or vegetables, sugar, and vinegar. It’s refreshingly sweet and tart, good for digestion, and best of all, very simple to make!

How To Water Bath Can | Easy Water Bath Canning Guide For Beginners

Water Bath Canning

Yes you can can! A comprehensive guide to canning a myriad of delicious creations at home.

How To Make Pickles | Easy Pickle Brine | Pickling at Home

How To Make Pickles at Home

You can pickle that! A comprehensive guide to pickling with vinegar, with or without water bath canning.

How To Make + Style The Ultimate DIY Charcuterie and Cheese Board

How To Make + Style a Cheese Board

A comprehensive guide to building cheese boards, including how to choose and pair meats and cheeses, how to calculate quantities for a crowd, and how to style your board into a stunner!