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Mai Tai Tiki Playlist on Spotify

Mai Tai: A Vintage Tiki Playlist

This 60s Exotica music playlist is the perfect accompaniment to your vintage tiki party, or your vintage tiki lifestyle.

back to school playlist on spotify

Lunchbox: A ‘Back To School’ Playlist

September seems to usher in a back-to-school vibe, even long after we’ve been out of school. Getting back into the groove, sharpening our focus, and settling into the rhythm of a steady routine.
These chill tunes will keep you motoring along while you pack your lunch, and welcome the changing season

christmas playlists

4 Magical Christmas Music Playlists

Christmas music is AWESOME. I’ve been making Christmas playlists since high school, back when I was really cool and made personalized mixed cds for…

thanksgiving playlist

Turkey Trotting: A Thanksgiving Music Playlist

It’s November 12. Do you know where your turkey is?
Menu planned? Recipes lined up?
No? Well that makes two of us.

At least you’ve got one element of the holiday on lock: a Thanksgiving music playlist to keep you trotting as you truss the turkey.

halloween music and playlists

Holiday Music: 5 Unique Halloween Playlists

Holiday music is part of what gives the surrounding season its festive feeling. Have fun with these unique Halloween playlists- use them for ideas to create your own compilations, or listen to them verbatim to set the scene for whatever magical endeavors your Halloween season holds