Pork + Fennel Meatballs Recipe | Easy, Simple, Italian Dinners Recipes

Pork + Fennel Meatballs

Half seared, half baked, these meatballs are perfectly cooked and an all-around good time.

Sweet Tea Brined Fried Chicken Recipe

Sweet Tea Brined Fried Chicken

This flavorful fried chicken is brined in sweet tea, then battered in buttermilk and flour for a crunchy finish!

Easy, Quick Chicken Tinga Recipe

Chicken Tinga

Smokey chipotle chilies are the key to this classic Mexican chicken dish!

baked candied bacon recipe

Baked Brown Sugar Candied Bacon

Oh my PORKING god, have you tried Candied Bacon?? 😱 It’s the only possible improvement that could be made to thick cut bacon– a little brown sugar and black pepper.

How To Cook Beer Poached Bratwurst and Onions Recipe

Beer Poached Bratwurst and Onions

It’s the best of the ‘wursts! Simmering in beer and spices adds flavor, moisture, and a lovely caramelization to brats and onions.