A ladle of steaming homemade stock made with freezer scraps using this broth recipe

Freezer Scrap Stock

Use this recipe to make any kind of stock– with scraps collected in the freezer, or with fresh vegetables.

How To Make Tepache | Mexican Fermented Pineapple Drink Recipe


Fizzy, versatile, pineapple tepache is your new favorite drink.

Cast Iron Pizza Recipe | Sicilian Style Deep Dish Made In The Oven!

Cast Iron Pizza

Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, with an ooey gooey center. Load up with toppings of your choosing!

Easy Frozen Cherry Lime Granita Recipe

Cherry-Lime Granita

The high in Seattle today was 95F, so it felt like the perfect day to share the recipe for this Cherry-Lime Granita. My brain…

How To Make Shrub (Vinegar and Fruit Syrup) at Home

What Is Shrub? + How To Make It!

Shrub is a concentrated fermented syrup made of fruit or vegetables, sugar, and vinegar. It’s refreshingly sweet and tart, good for digestion, and best of all, very simple to make!

How To Make Homemade Rainbow Swirl Bread Recipe

Rainbow Bread

An easy and colorful bread baking project for kids of all ages!

How To Make Pickles | Easy Pickle Brine | Pickling at Home

How To Make Pickles at Home

You can pickle that! A comprehensive guide to pickling with vinegar, with or without water bath canning.

Homemade Spun Sugar Spiderwebs Recipe For Halloween

Spun Sugar Cobwebs

What could be more enchanting than a glittering, maple-vanilla candy cobweb for Halloween?