box of assorted christmas cookies

The Month In Moments: December

December was oh-so-dreamy, so cozy, and so full of holiday cheer. Tons of sugar and butter was consumed and distributed. Everything smelled like pine….

autumn leaves

The Month in Moments: November

I have very few photos from November, but it was a beautiful month. Lots of (rich) food, colder days, and my birthday! What I…

cornstalks and pumpkins

The Month in Moments: October

October was a jam-packed with sunny days and preparations for Halloween. Getting back into the cozy cooking habits of the cooler part of the…

multicolored tomatoes

The Month in Moments: September

September was packed with bountiful produce from my little veggie garden, friends’ fruit trees, and a pumpkin patch– I canned a plum jam, pickles,…

The Month in Moments: July + August

Well, the last two months of summer breezed right past me, so here’s a double edition of the month in moments!July and August were…

bee asleep in nasturtium flower

The Month in Moments: June

June brought on many new blooms, and personal insights. And at least one lived out dream. A beautiful month, in a beautiful place, with…

rows of butter and red romaine lettuces

The Month in Moments: May

May went by in a flash, almost too quick to get these 30 photos in! I can’t believe how much the vegetable garden came…

a sheet pan with tomatoes drizzled with olive oil in the sun

The Month in Moments: April

April was lush with nurture: new plants, sprouting seedlings, old loves, and new experiences. What I watched, read, and listened to in April: The…

desktop wallpapers

desktop wallpapers

Enjoy these free desktop wallpapers! To download, right click or hit control + click and select “save image as” to your desired location. To…