Chic + Easy DIY Gift Wrapping

diy painted gift wrap
Give your gifts some extra love with simple-to-make painted wrapping paper, pom-poms, and tassels... and have fun crafting in the process!

OMG I had so much fun with this!

Firstly, I’ve wanted to do the potato stamp thing for a long time, so that was a dream come true. (That’s what most people dream about, right?) Also, I got to splatter and drizzle paint and make a mess, and who doesn’t love that? There is something to be said about making a mess. It feels good, man.

make your own wrapping paper

I have childhood memories of making tassels and pom-poms with my cousin at my grandmother’s house, and it is still as chill and relaxing as it was back then. I want to make 50 more and put them all over a throw pillow, or make a big bundle and tie them to a beach tote.

And when the gifts were wrapped and gussied up? I couldn’t believe how fabulous they looked. I loved every bit of this process AND the result, and I hope you will too.

chic diy wrapping

diy wrapping paper

DIY Painted Wrapping Paper

DIY Craft DIY Craft DIY Craft potato stamp DIY wrapping Painted craft wrapping paper

You will need:

  • Postal wrapping paper (I got mine from Target)
  • Paint (I used leftover latex house paint)
  • Paint brushes
  • Plastic pipette (optional)
  • Potato (for stamping)
  • Cardboard or a tarp to protect your floor/ work surface
  • Masking tape

1. Begin by cutting the paper into manageable pieces- I made mine about 2.5 ft (the width of the roll) by 4 ft. Size as desired! I cut only four pieces and was able to wrap 8 small/ medium presents.

2. Secure your paper onto your work surface with a small piece of masking tape on each corner to hold in place. (The masking tape will peel off easily without damaging the paper)

3. Go to work and get creative!
For the designs shown, I used a house paint brush (stripes), a pipette (squiggles and splatters) and a potato stamp (stars). Get a potato stamp tutorial here –This tutorial uses cookie cutters, but I cut mine with a paring knife.

4. Leave your sheets to dry completely. I kept the masking tape on the corners and hung mine on the wall to save space!

5. Wrap to your heart’s content!

DIY painted wrapping paper


DIY Pom-Poms

DIY pom-pom DIY pom-pom DIY pom-pom DIY pom-pom DIY pom-pom DIY pom-pom DIY pom-pom DIY pom-pom DIY pom-pom diy pom-pom

You will need:

  • Yarn
  • Scissors

1. Decide what size you’d like your pom-pom to be. If you’d like a smaller pom-pom, use two fingers. If you’d like a larger one, use four fingers, or a larger object. The number of times you wrap the yarn will need to increase in accordance with how large your pom-pom will be (more wrapping will equate to more fullness).

2. Begin by aligning the end of the yarn with the base of your fingers (this will help when you are tying your pom-pom later). Then, begin wrapping yarn around your fingers or chosen object. Wrap until you feel you’ve reached your desired fullness (for the pom-pom shown, I wrapped 30 times.)

3. Trim the yarn so that the new end is also aligned with the base of your fingers.

4. Cut an additional piece of yarn, and make it a good length to be sure it is long enough.

5. Slide the yarn off of your fingers and place the bundle on top of your new piece of yarn. Then, tie the yarn around the bundle as tightly as you can in a double knot so that the bundle is cinched. You can see the spherical form beginning to take shape here!

6. You will see that loops have been formed surrounding the cinched center. Slide the scissors into the center of the loops (where your fingers were when you were wrapping), and cut. This will give you a bunch of fringed ends.

7. Roll the pom-pom between your palms to encourage the spherical shape to form and the fray the ends further.

8. Now trim! Use scissors to trim all around the surface of the pom-pom to make it as even and fluffy as possible. You will need to trim a significant amount in most cases to give it a real pom-pom look!
You can keep the cinch piece ends long if you would like to tie your pom-pom to something, otherwise, trim those pieces down as well.



DIY Tassels

DIY Tassel DIY Tassel DIY Tassel DIY Tassel DIY Tassel DIY Tassel DIY Tassel DIY Tassel DIY Tassel DIY Tassel

You will need:

  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon (optional)
  • Glue gun (optional)

1. Begin exactly like the pom-pom. Decide on size/ length and use your fingers or another object to wrap the yarn around.
Wrap until you have reached the desired fullness.

2. Then, trim the yarn and cut another piece of yarn at a generous length.

3. Slide the bundle off of your fingers and feed the new piece of yarn that you cut through the center right where your fingers were. I find it easiest to do these somewhat simultaneously so that no loops are lost.

4. Tie the yarn piece in a double knot around one side, gathering all of the loops.

5. Then, slide the scissors through the center and sever the loops on the other side as shown. Now it’s starting to look like a tassel!

6. Tie another shorter piece of yarn around the top quarter of the tassel, double knot to secure, and trim.

7. Use scissors to trim the fringe so that it is nice and even.

8. If desired, cut a piece of ribbon and attach with a hot glue gun around the top third of the tassel.

DIY Tassel DIY Tassel



make your own pom-poms and tassels

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