Coffee To Go : An Energizing Playlist for Busy Mornings

Coffee To Go : A Playlist for Busy Mornings | Music Playlists For Moods | On Spotify
Grab your coffee, pop in your headphones, and press play for an energizing playlist that will take you through whatever your busy day has in store.

Finding a food parallel for this collection of songs was so tricky that it actually delayed its release for quite a while! I went from ideas around baking a cake, to patisserie cases, and finally to coffee (to go!) This energizing playlist in some form has been my companion for errand running around my old NYC neighborhood on the Upper West Side to driving to the Ballard Farmer’s Market here in Seattle (which shows how long its been in the works– I think two years now, geez!) It’s been my answer to any busy day that needed an energetic burst, just like a coffee you can grab and go. I even used it for working out for a time! I also think it would make a great choice for meal prep day music. I hope you enjoy this fun list with its eclectic mix of 60s and 70s alternative rock as much as I do!

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Coffee To Go

An Energizing Playlist For Busy Mornings

My most favorite songs on this energizing playlist include Elton John’s ‘Take Me To The Pilot’, Stevie Wonder’s ‘We Can Work It Out’, and The Creation’s ‘Making Time’ which always reminds me of the movie Rushmore, one of the greatest movies ever in my opinion. If you haven’t seen it, please watch it!

The B-52’s make two appearances on this list and I love both songs so much. Overall I think this playlist has a great unique vibe that isn’t too chill, not too hyped, and that kind of meanders happily along.

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Coffee To Go : A Playlist for Busy Mornings | Music Playlists For Moods | On Spotify

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What tunes energize you through a busy day or morning?

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