The Month in Moments: May

rows of butter and red romaine lettuces

May went by in a flash, almost too quick to get these 30 photos in! I can’t believe how much the vegetable garden came along in a month– check out the garden photos from May 2nd vs May 28th.

little red radishes in a colander
Quick and delicious red radishes! Radishes grow in just 30 days from direct seeding. I had grew so many that I had to give quite a few away.
just-sprouted lettuce and radishes
The big box in the vegetable garden on May 2nd: tiny bits of lettuce and radishes.
poached eggs over roasted sweet potatoes with chives on top
I was so proud of these poached eggs, they came out absolutely perfect. Jiggly, with a custardy texture.
a cat giving sassy look
Luffy climbing onto my tablecloth seconds after I put it on the floor! I was folding it for my umbrella hole tablecloth post.
sage and oregano tied together and hanging to dry
I learned last summer that if herbs aren’t cut back periodically they get woody and less tasty. This was a big cut back of sage and oregano that i tied into a little garland. (It did not look as pretty when it dried, but smelled and looked gorgeous fresh!)
black and white striped umbrella against blue sky
A clear blue sky over our umbrella one beautiful afternoon.
selfie with dahlia
A selfie with a dahlia in party favor glasses.
a view of puget sound with mountains and lupines
A gorgeous scene at Discovery Park. Low lying clouds float on the horizon with lupines in the foreground.
fried eggs over grits with fruit
A gigantic puddle of creamy grits for breakfast.
rows of butter and red romaine lettuces
I am so very proud of these butter and truchas lettuces! Special thanks to Johnny’s Seeds, which is where I sourced my seeds this year.
lettuces growing in a garden
This was the big box of the vegetable garden on May 28th! What a transformation. The radishes were replaced by broccoli starts.
cat looking over table with just ears and eyes showing
Luffy peers over the coffee table to spy on our breakfast.
ikat installation at SAM
After 5 years in Seattle, I finally got to the Seattle Art Museum! I got to see the Ikat exhibit and learned so much about this ancient textile technique. Fibers are fixed with resists, dyed, and then woven to create designs.
an ikat weaving from japan
This was my favorite piece at the Ikat exhibit. It’s an image of a boat sailing toward a temple. The crosses represent lanterns. Don’t you feel like you’re right there in the scene?
a small bouquet of flowers in a vase
A beautiful bouquet that our neighbor cut for us from their garden with sweet peas, geraniums, and snapdragons. I will tell you in confidence, it made me cry!
a large, dark purple lupine plant
Lupins reaching for the sky in our yard.
a salted, uncooked ribeye steak
A beautiful ribeye with great marbling, salted and dried in the fridge.
a perfectly browned ribeye steak, sizzling in a cast iron pan
That same ribeye, seared! What a looker. I can smell this photo, and it smells amazing.
botanical garden and waterfall with pond
The stunning botanical gardens in Bellevue. I can’t wait to visit here again!
a walking bridge in a botanical garden
Also at the Bellevue Botanical Gardens– a suspension walking bridge! Unbelievably cool. And a little daunting.
sugar snap peas on a cutting board
One of my very favorite things: fresh sugar snap peas from the garden. You wouldn’t believe how much tastier they are when they’re home-grown. Next year I’m planting more, they were gone too soon!
cat napping among flowers
Luffy found a new favorite spot in the yard among the flowers.
small flowers in a garden bed
The flower bed coming along! We added hollyhocks, a pink double knockout rose, english daisies, creeping phlox, and pincushions. Some of the dahlias have sprouted too.
a plate of chicken wings, potatoes, and peas
Curried chicken wings, roasted potatoes, peas, and cucumber raita.
scrambled eggs on a biscuit with strawberries and salad
Homemade biscuits, eggs, and dressed lettuce from the garden.
a fountain in a yard surrounded by flowers
The pre-rocks stage of our solar powered fountain! You can read about how we made it here.
a cat staring intently
Luffy staring intently while she waits for treats (she gets a lot of treats.)

What I watched, read, and listened to in May:

Cunk on Earth on Netflix

This show was so unexpected– I went into it almost blind, and it was a delightfully silly surprise. I’ll also tell you nothing if you haven’t heard of it and want to take a chance!

Enchanted April

The 1991 movie, not the book– though I’m hoping to read the book at some point too. Josie Lawrence is my favorite part of this movie, she is genius. You may recognize her from the original British Who’s Line is it Anyway? as she is also a gifted comedian and singer. This movie is an experience, like a wonderful dream of sunshine and wisteria.

The Tale of Princess Kaguya on Max

I’ve been savoring a long watch-through of all the movies from Studio Ghibli, and I’d waited a long time for Princess Kaguya. I wasn’t familiar with the traditional folk tale this film is based on when I sat down to watch it, which I think added to the experience, since it was all new to me. The art style is also new, employing hand drawn brush strokes that add a ton of expressivity of each scene.

Design Matters Podcast on Stitcher

Host Debbie Millman is a great interviewer because she gives the sense that you’re eavesdropping on a private conversation. She talks to all kinds of designers and artists on this podcast, which has been a great way to discover their work, and to hear their stories. Most often, I get the sense that these artists are just like you or me– just people doing their best to follow their inspiration– which is, for me, the most enjoyable part of listening.

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