One Fine Valentine’s Day Playlist

valentine's day playlist
These bubbly vintage tunes will give you allllll the warm and fuzzy Valentine’s feels

OH Valentine’s Day, with your cliched over-the-top romantic gestures and your cheesy gifts, you sure do get a bad rap!

But it isn’t all bad.

Take away the tacky teddy bears, and V-Day is just a fun day in February that gives us the chance to celebrate all of our loved ones, not just our significant others.
It’s also an excuse to eat sweets, send cards, and throw a party, which is a-ok with me! I hope you agree when I say, “What’s not to like??”

Snowy February days put me in the mood to buy roses from the corner bodega (24 for $12!) and bake Valentine’s Day goodies for my gal pals to the sound of my favorite doo-wop tunes.
Those old fashioned lovey dovey songs are sweet without being schmaltzy, and to me they say Valentine’s Day. I hope they will for you too when you listen to this playlist.

So grab yourself a warm baguette, some dark chocolate, and a glass of wine, and enjoy this set of songs with your cat, your boyfriend, or your girls.
It’s a handmade Valentine from me to you!

One Fine (Valentine's) Day

listen now
Our Day Will Come was the reigning influence for this playlist, but be sure not to miss Dynamite by Brenda Lee, Let Her Dance by The Bobby Fuller Four, or It’s In His Kiss by Betty Everett (all of my favorites!)

valentine's day music

I hope this musical Valentine has you shoop shoop shoop shoop-ing your way into the Valentine’s Day mood!

What’s your favorite song on the list? What kind of music do you most like to listen to this time of year? 


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