DIY Watch Party Snack Packs

Watch Party DIY Snack Packs
Add a little extra fun to your watch party or movie night with DIY snack packs that will excite your inner kid and satiate your snackthusiasm!

There are few things I enjoy more than a good snack!

In fact, I’ve made my life’s motto “Always Carry Snacks”, because being prepared (especially with something tasty) is just so satisfying in a tummy’s time of need.
So, an entire pack of snacks??

Uh, yeah. That gets me HELLA excited.

diy watch party snacks

Remember going to the movies as a kid and getting the kid’s meal pack at the concession stand? There was a little bit of everything– popcorn, soda, candies, hotdog. It was a petite smorgasbord that made going to the movies even more thrilling! Those little munchie trays inspired these DIY snack packs.

Whip up them up for your family on movie night, or for the guests at your Westworld Season 2  premiere party (April 22 OMG!)
You can even offer a variety of snacks buffet style and let your friends assemble their own box with their personal choice of goodies.
Themed snacks in these packs would be fabulous– imagine a bento-style box with edamame and shrimp tempura, or a Stranger Things box with mini waffles and syrup!

Me? I’ll be enjoying mine with truffle popcorn while watching the Ladies Figure Skating final in PyeongChang tomorrow night!

movie night snacks

The DIY of DIY Snack Packing

You may be thinking “Which part of this is DIY?”
Well, for the purpose of this article, it’s the container part!

Making the edible goods yourself or not is up to you!
I filled mine with homemade stovetop popcorn, puff pastry hot dogs with poppy seeds, cucumbers and rainbow carrots with homemade ranch (get my killer recipe for ranch dip here –it’s so good I don’t even feel boastful saying that!), and mini chocolate bars and fruit candies from Trader Joe’s. With a Boylan black cherry soda on the side!

Puff Pastry Hot Dogs with Poppy Seeds These “puff dogs” couldn’t be easier to make. Cut hot dogs into thirds. Wrap each piece with 1 inch strips of puff pastry two times around, stretching the pastry as you go. Brush the surface of each pup with a beaten egg yolk + 1 tbsp water and sprinkle with poppy or sesame seeds. Bake at 375 until golden brown, serve with spicy mustard.
Veggies and Ranch Snack Cups Mini rainbow carrots (thanks, Trader Joe’s!) and english cucumber spears in fresh, herbaceous, creamy homemade ranch dip 
Stove Top Popcorn Popcorn made on the stove is one of my top five favorite snacks. I dressed this batch with savory black truffle salt– yum!!
Candies from Trader Joe's Mini chocolate bars and fruit jellies from Trader Joes
DIY marbled soda bottle labels Replace soda with mini wine bottles or beer for adults!


Snack Pack Box Assembly

Okay, so below is just one way to construct your very own snack pack. However, there are potentially endless ways to put them together!

For example, for my box base I used cardboard trays that I got from my local Shake Shack (just goes to show that it never hurts to ask!), but a shoe box, a treat box (like this one from Target), or a brown paper grocery bag cut short with a piece of cardboard in the bottom, could work just as well!

To hold my puff dogs, I meant to purchase disposable paper trays (like these from, but instead cut up a thin plastic box, cause, recycling!

So, feel free to get creative! Target, Amazon, The Container Store, and are all great places to look for paper/ disposable supplies.

A word of advice: Make sure that your pieces will fit harmoniously in your box! I started with the box and went from there. If you are ordering online, check out the dimensions before check out.

Making snack packs



  • Scissors
  • Clear plastic cups or paper cups
  • Small paper bags
  • Shoe box, cardboard box (I got mine at my local Shake Shack!), or large paper bag cut short with cardboard fitted into the base for support.
  • Paper french fry trays or other box-like divider
    (I recycled a thin plastic box by cutting it into quarters- using one corner for each tray)
craft with paper cups how to cut a plastic cup Plastic Cup DIY how to make a cuffed paper bag paper bag craft paper bag diy make your own popcorn bagsmovie night snack craft


For the candy and veggie cups:


  • Using scissors, cut your cups to the desired height.
    I cut about a half inch off of one (for the veggies, so that they stuck out the top), and the other I cut in half (for gummy candies.)
  • If you only need to cut a little bit off the top, gently bend the cup and use the scissors to cut downwards in a spiraling motion until the desired height is reached.
  • If you are cutting the cup in half, begin by cutting downward into the cup, making 4-5 slits. Then, gently bend the pieces backwards for easy cutting.

For the popcorn bags:


  • Cut the top 3 inches off of a small paper bag.
    Use scissors to make a ½ inch cut down the fold of one side of the bag (this will make folding a little easier!)
  • Starting at the cut, carefully fold the bag outward all the way around the top of the bag, creating a half inch cuff. Repeat the fold once more (no need to make another cut), and smooth the edges and corners with your fingers.

Fit the paper bag, cups, and a paper tray or other small box into your base box, and fill with goodies! Enjoy!

movie night diy

party snack boxes

I hope that these DIY snack packs capture your imagination and bring a little whimsy and fun to your next movie night or watch party!

If you make your own, please share your experience here in the comments or hashtag #kiyafries on Instagram!

What’s your favorite movie snack?
What will you fill your box with, and what are you watching?

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